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Unveiling My Inner Shadows

The limiting beliefs and shadows are suffocating to a soul who innately knows that she was born with an extraordinary purpose for this planet.

Like so many all over the world, 2020 was a massive shift-year for me. I call my pre-2020 self my "old Ellie" because I have internally evolved and transformed so drastically since then, that I sometimes don't recognize the "old Ellie".

While the old Ellie was driven and intentional, powerful and confident in her knowing, and she was creating a beautiful life that she adored, some internal (and external) struggles weren't escaping her. And she was yearning for the healing and clarity in how to do so.

This depth of healing goes deeper then reading a self-help book or listening to a few podcasts. I knew it would require a deeper personal investment of my intention and desire for this lasting transformation I was seeking.

The old Ellie had acquired logical tools for healing, but still couldn't figure out how to work past her triggers and reactive ways of being. She also couldn't figure out how to successfully move through constant struggles and dis-ease in a few personal relationships, and that haunted her. The old Ellie fought an internal and private struggle of really loving and honoring herself, feeling worthy of love, loving her body for what it was, and she frequented in self-sabotage and self-doubt that spiked when others projected their opinions and wounds at her.

The old Ellie carried stories, hurt, and resentments from her past that was blocking her full expansion of who she came here to authentically be. She was ready to release them, and it was only when she aligned herself with the right external support and found the solace within, that the healing and shadow work began.

I don’t claim that the old Ellie is completely gone. She is not. I love her to infinity and am so grateful for her perseverance and drive. She had the insight and knowing to start asking the unpopular questions, to go against the grain, to tap into a deeper state of being, launching the start of my awakening journey.

I no longer resonate at the same frequencies as I did before, thus I almost don’t recognize the old Ellie in so many ways. And today, I am healed. I live in a state of consciousness that recognizes and differentiates between old ways of being and living as my higher self. I don't shy away from moments when my inner child pops in or old ways of being show up because it offers me further purification and cleansing in unexpected areas.

Why have a immersed so deeply into shadow work?

Because clearing all of the limiting beliefs that I picked up along the way within my egoic body and from the external world allows me to now show up as me, wholly and completely, unapologetically and authentically, lovingly and peacefully. I can show up for my family, for my community, for the world in service and in full mission.

My soul can be fully expressed in all of its truth and purpose.

Unveiling and releasing the inner shadows is possible for everyone...

So each person can remember who they are and their purpose on this planet...

So they can discover your true and unlimited self...

Our own truth lies within each one of us.

"Be grateful for triggers; they point where you are not free." ~Dolores Cannon

Embodiment & Alchemy Coach

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