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Intentional Motherhood

Intentional motherhood (and parenthood) is no different than embodying Intentional Living. 


What is the experience that you want to feel in your day-to-day life as a parent? What is the experience you want to have during the years of raising your children? What do you want for your children?  What is the imprint you intend or desire to leave within them as they shift into their adult years and experience their own purpose?

What if that experience you have in your Intentional Motherhood was peaceful, purposeful, clear, and aligned with love and unity with your children? What would be possible then?


Parenthood has challenges. But parenting is also a choice.  How you show up is a constant choice; showing up as the best version of yourself for your children doesn't mean you are perfect or never make mistakes. Intentional motherhood involves surrendering expectations of your ego, releasing the inauthentic ways of being, and opening your heart. It's letting go of the story that parenting is hard. It's forgiveness and grace with yourself and starting each day anew.


Inside of breakdowns or "hard days", the ego is triggered not by your present situation, but ultimately by something from a past experience, person, or emotion the body has stored. That trigger is showing you an opportunity within yourself for healing and release. When you've cleared that stuck energy, past shadows, or memorized cellular traumas, "hard days" might still present themselves, but the trigger is no longer the dominating response. Love, presence, & compassion is the response. 


In that healing and releasing within yourself, you get to discover a new, more authentic You emerging, and thus get to have a new experience with your children. It also allows you to show up for your children 100% present with their experience, and in that, allows them to be heard, understood, and loved fully. In that space, they get to blossom into all that they are meant to be.


Intentional motherhood is showing up each day with the intent of what you want to create and the intent of who you want to be as a mother. Clearing the "baggage" from our past keeps the emotional triggers, the resentments, the stories or ways of being that we created in our minds long ago out of our current reality. In that new clearing, it opens up the space for you to be the heart-lead, authentic YOU that your children yearn for. 


Intentional motherhood is creating and manifesting what you ultimately desire in your journey, and because each of us are the creators of our reality, it is yours when you choose that it is.

~Ellie Embodied

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