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Intentional Health & Wellness

Intentionality of our own health and wellness offers likely the most powerful shift in our overall experience of life.  This distinction that I am about to explain is so often overlooked, yet so simple and undeniably crucial to our happiness and growth.

Health and wellness goes much deeper then food and exercise; deeper than our personal health care products or practices we choose for our physical vessels. These practices are no doubt massive contributors to quality health and wellness, but focusing primarily on those implies that we are living solely in a dense 3D experience, which we are not. Our physical bodies become the focus by default because it's the one that we can see and touch, and yet it makes up just a portion of our wholeness. The remaining entities of our wholeness lies in the unseen realm.


Ones emotional body, egoic (mental) body, and spiritual body are equality important for true balance and wellness within us. While each of these "bodies" are all interlaced with each other and within our conscious understanding, they also have their own intricacies to understand, heal, and embody. Any dis-ease in one or all of our bodies ultimately shows up in the physical vessel or in our physical experiences.


In the awareness of their separateness from one another, there is access to greater inner power, understanding, and clarity as well. Thus one can become more intentional with their human experience with the massive possibilities that open up for complete wholeness. 


Discover inner peace in your mind, in your body, with your emotions, and with your soul and everything will begin to change.

Spiritual Embodiment Coach

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