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I am a mama to two amazing boys, and an alchemist and creator to my core.  For my entire adult life, I've had a drive and vision for my life that kept me pursuing goal after goal after goal.  I always saw what I wanted and I went for it.  From family to career to personal endeavors, I trusted my knowing, even when it was a little scary, a lot unknown, or a little "crazy" in the perception of others. 


I retired from my 19-year career in Interior Architecture and Design in the late 2010's, closed the doors to my house flipping and AirBnB businesses when my first-born was a baby, and turned my attention towards my soul missions and awakening journey.  The path wasn't entirely clear at first, but I trusted in my instinct and knew there was a greater plan in play when I transitioned out of my professional ventures and kept moving forward, following my heart every time.    


I was divinely called to live in Hawai'i when I was 19 and the calling was fulfilled 23 years later when my two boys and I moved to the Island of Kauai on divine faith and total inner trust. Within just a few days of landing on Kauai, it felt as if we'd always been here. 


I'm Ellie.

This gorgeous, lush, rainy, sunny, warm, small and quaint island is absolutely perfect for the heart-centered, Earth-connected, soul-mission-focused lifestyle I was looking for.  I am passionate about gardening; I adore being with my family; we homeschool and also believe in allowing tons of space for my children to discover their own passions in learning, especially out in nature.  The world is the greatest classroom and I am immersed in always learning too, alongside my children.


I always knew within me, that I had the innate power to create my life By Design.  However I wanted my life to be, I had to be the one, and got to be the one, to create it myself.  I am a master manifestor of my reality and it's possible for everyone too.



The most radical shift in my awakening journey began over three years ago in early 2020, when I felt an internal knowing "kick in" and the deepening of trust and awakening of consciousness come into the light. 


Also, without realizing what journey I was embarking upon, my awakening actually began in 2012 when I walked into a classroom for a “self improvement” class, which lead to eight more months of additional classes and intensive healing work, massive business growth, personal expansion, awakening, and more. 


Most importantly, that was the beginning of my inner healing and shadow work, which ultimately ripples into everything else, whether one realizes it consciously or not.  Over the decade, I continued "working on myself" in other powerful and transformational courses, coaching modalities, retreats, and more. 

In this higher vibration of existence I am in now, I get to experience love, generosity, forgiveness, and acceptance towards myself in a way I've never known, and that alone is infinite freedom.  I get to experience the "chatter" gone from my mind and bask in internal peacefulness every day.  I get to be present with those around me without inner dialog running in the background, experiencing serenity and presence (with myself and them) no matter the situation. 


In deepening my inner work with great intention, and aligning with the right support system since 2020, I've been on this incredible healing and awakening journey and I'm honored to support others on their journey too.

discovering my divinity

I was asked by a old friend about my awakening journey and coaching credentials: "(was it) just all from life experiences and leaning into faith and God?


It was so much more, actually. 


First, my spiritual work has not been tied to any religion.  It has been about awakening what's already inside of me; tapping deeper into my intuition and inner knowing; expanding my trust in the universe and in myself; unlocking my connection to my over soul in the higher dimensions; and aligning deeper with the higher energies of Source in understanding and vibration. 


It's been about learning to listen to messages I receive through channeling and meditation.  It's been about quieting the mind, healing the shadows and energetic blockages, understanding my spiritual, energetic, and limitless power; understanding how we are each given gifts of telepathy, energetic healing, manifestation power, and so much more. 


In discovering (remembering) the divinity that I am, I know I am also here to share my light and to deliver my messages of divine truth through my perspective.  It is to plant seeds to help other hearts open and realize their truth too.  We are all innately capable of this and capable of remembering our incredible divine magic. 

We are each others' teachers as well as each others' students; we are all here to learn and growth with and from each other.   Each soul came here on mission. As beautiful gifted souls living this human experience on Earth, we are at an exciting and massive turning point.  The more the collective can let their hearts open and release the programming of the mind, as individuals, the more we can all be in the vibration of pure diving love as a whole, living as one united collective of beings.  We are here to support each other through our expansion and ascension in divine love, information, and light. 



"Ellie is a soul that remembers who we all are.  Her presence is unique and inspiring.  Through the years I have had the joy of sharing this Ascension journey with Ellie and I have watched her move through life (both the beautiful and challenging parts) with grace, curiosity and reflection.  Helping anyone she can along the way.   The ideas and understandings she has acquired about what it means to be present in today's world, make her such a beacon of light and a source of reassurance.   Her concept of family and raising our next generation is going to lead a new era.  Her intuition is heightened and she understands the steps it takes to listen to your heart before you make any changes.  She knows how powerful this time on Earth is.  This woman was made to share her heart.  This soul was destined to help lead humanity into a new way of being.  I am blessed to know her and call her my friend." ~Crystal

"Ellie is fantastic! She does a superb job of listening to the client's. She's thorough, responsive, and extremely easy to work with.  She is hands down the best consultant of any kind I've worked with." ~Dan

"Working with Ellie is like working with a beautiful kind of magic! She has the most graceful, genuine and sincere way of learning about you and then helping you to be the best you and have the best life possible - exactly as YOU want it to be. She is loving, kind, patient and extremely observant. She has helped me to work through many things that have come up in my life and has guided me in the most loving and gentle way. She has helped me to love and trust myself more and to lean into my own intuition. She has offered practices (meditations, affirmations, etc.) to help me each day and to work through internal struggles. I highly recommend Ellie!" ~Jessica



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