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Intentional living ultimately aligns us with our most authentic self, cleansing all the undesired ways of being, bringing us true embodiment and fulfillment in our lives.

~ellie embodied

Bonfire on the Beach

intentional living

An intentional life leads to clarity, creation, and manifestation of what you ultimately desire.  Intentionality is the difference between living your life powerfully and simply existing or surviving in your experience of this world.  Intentional living is not about having a successful career, an organized schedule, avoiding conflict, or going along with the status quo.  Intention is a yearning, clarity, or determination that guides action. 


Your objective or intent behind a pursuit is actually what will determine the outcome of that pursuit.  When living a life of intention and one that's heart-lead, it will always create the experience in which you ultimately wish for, aligning you with your most authentic self.  


When it is mind-lead or ego-lead (we talk a lot about the mind / egoic body in our coaching sessions), the driving factors of the objective is not pure and thus not in support of the highest version of You.  And in that space, one will often experience more push-back, stresses, and a noticeably inauthentic way of being.


Trusting your inner knowing and intuition; trusting your connection with your guides; and trusting that the universe always has your back, are each essential components to living an intentional life as well.

Intentional Living is a choice and choice ultimately determines your destiny.

my story of intentional living

When talking about manifestation with my children (which is a common conversation and a reality they see play out in front of them regularly), I remind them all the time that we didn't end up moving to Hawai'i by chance. We moved by intention. I had a vision, a life -long dream of calling Hawai'i home and it didn't manifest while I sat on the couch and prayed about it. I set my intention, let the universe know what I wanted, and then I actually took action to get here. (continued on the blog)



Intentionality of our own health and wellness offers likely the most powerful shift in our overall experience of life.  This distinction that I am about to explain is so often overlooked, yet so simple and undeniably crucial to our happiness and growth.


Health and wellness goes much deeper then food and exercise; deeper than our personal health care products or practices we choose for our physical vessels. These practices are no doubt massive contributors to quality health and wellness, but focusing primarily on those implies that we are living solely in a dense 3D experience, which we are not. Our physical bodies become the focus by default because it's the one that we can see and touch, and yet it makes up just a portion of our wholeness. The remaining entities of our wholeness lies in the unseen realm.


Ones emotional body, egoic (mental) body, and spiritual body are equality important for true balance and wellness within us. While each of these "bodies" are all interlaced with each other and within our conscious understanding, they also have their own intricacies to understand, heal, and embody. Any dis-ease in one or all of our bodies ultimately shows up in the physical vessel or in our physical experiences.


In the awareness of their separateness from one another, there is access to greater inner power, understanding, and clarity as well. Thus one can become more intentional with their human experience with the massive possibilities that open up for complete wholeness. 


Discover inner peace in your mind, in your body, with your emotions, and with your soul and everything will begin to change.

Hiking Friends



Intentional motherhood (and parenthood) is no different than embodying Intentional Living. 


What is the experience that you want to feel in your day-to-day life as a parent? What is the experience you want to have during the years of raising your children? What do you want for your children?  What is the imprint you intend or desire to leave within them as they shift into their adult years and experience their own purpose?

What if that experience you have in your Intentional Motherhood was peaceful, purposeful, clear, and aligned with love and unity with your children? What would be possible then?


Parenthood has challenges. But parenting is also a choice.  How you show up is a constant choice; showing up as the best version of yourself for your children doesn't mean you are perfect or never make mistakes. Intentional motherhood involves surrendering expectations of your ego, releasing the inauthentic ways of being, and opening your heart. It's letting go of the story that parenting is hard. It's forgiveness and grace with yourself and starting each day anew.


Inside of breakdowns or "hard days", the ego is triggered not by your present situation, but ultimately by something from a past experience, person, or emotion the body has stored. That trigger is showing you an opportunity within yourself for healing and release. When you've cleared that stuck energy, past shadows, or memorized cellular traumas, "hard days" might still present themselves, but the trigger is no longer the dominating response. Love, presence, & compassion is the response. 


In that healing and releasing within yourself, you get to discover a new, more authentic You emerging, and thus get to have a new experience with your children. It also allows you to show up for your children 100% present with their experience, and in that, allows them to be heard, understood, and loved fully. In that space, they get to blossom into all that they are meant to be.


Intentional motherhood is showing up each day with the intent of what you want to create and the intent of who you want to be as a mother. Clearing the "baggage" from our past keeps the emotional triggers, the resentments, the stories or ways of being that we created in our minds long ago out of our current reality. In that new clearing, it opens up the space for you to be the heart-lead, authentic YOU that your children yearn for. 


Intentional motherhood is creating and manifesting what you ultimately desire in your journey, and because each of us are the creators of our reality, it is yours when you choose that it is.

my story of intentional motherhood

My journey into motherhood began in what society would call an "unconventional" way, but within me, it was with every bit of intentionality, clarity, purpose, and with all the love in my heart. I chose to become a mother as a solo parent from conception. Not because I didn't want to bask in love with my soul mate and husband, but there were a number of factors that ultimately lead to the manifestation of my first and then second son as a solo mother by choice. Though my future husband wasn't in my physical reality yet, I knew my life and my family was by my design, by my creation. Having children was something I was more than ready for and I was at a great age in my mid-30's to start having my children. (continued on the blog)

Now, in this Great Awakening, is the time to completely heal the past and take on a brand new paradigm of love, personal empowerment, grace, and unparalleled intentionality for your life and for the wholeness of Gaia.

~ellie embodied

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