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Intentional Living + Manifestation In Eternal Flow

When talking about manifestation with my children (which is a common conversation and a reality they see play out in front of them regularly), I remind them all the time that we didn't end up moving to Hawai'i by chance. We moved by intention.

I had a vision, a life -long dream of calling Hawai'i home and it didn't manifest while I just sat on the couch and prayed about it. I set my intention, let the universe know what I wanted, and then I actually took action to get here. (coming soon -- read more about our journey getting to Hawai'i, including the traveling and all the beautiful tests in between!)

Manifestation isn't just wanting something really badly and praying that God will bring it into your life.

Manifestation is seeing the vision so clearly that it actually already feels like it's real before your physical reality catches up with that vision. You can not only see yourself in that future reality, but you can feel yourself there too. It's a matching of frequency between your current state and the vision you are calling in. Manifestation is also keeping your word that it is so.

Within about eight months of deciding that we were moving to Hawaii (six of those months we were adventuring on the mainland), we set foot onto Hawaiian soil, because I set my intention, I kept my word, and I took action.

I loosened my mind's grip on the "who", "what", "where", "when", and "how" that so often hold people back. And in following my heart with such conviction, I was in the frequency of my desires and that allowed the universe to take care of the "who", "what", "where", "when", and "how".

Manifestation and intentional living go hand in hand; they are in eternal flow with each other.

Intentional living bleeds into every experience, every plan we make, every relationship. Intentional living is about creation of your life, having it go how you want it to go.

Highest-life manifested.

Embodiment & Alchemy Coach

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