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Intentional Living and Why it Matters

An intentional life leads to clarity, creation, and manifestation of what you ultimately desire.  Intentionality is the difference between living your life powerfully and simply existing or surviving in your experience of this world.  Intentional living is not about having a successful career, an organized schedule, avoiding conflict, or going along with the status quo.  Intention is a yearning, clarity, or determination that guides action. 

Your objective or intent behind a pursuit is actually what will determine the outcome of that pursuit.  When living a life of intention and one that's heart-lead, it will always create the experience in which you ultimately wish for, aligning you with your most authentic self.  

When it is mind-lead or ego-lead (we talk a lot about the mind / egoic body in our coaching sessions), the driving factors of the objective is not pure and thus not in support of the highest version of You.  And in that space, one will often experience more push-back, stresses, and a noticeably inauthentic way of being.

Trusting your inner knowing and intuition; trusting your connection with your guides; and trusting that the universe always has your back, are each essential components to living an intentional life as well.

Intentional Living is a choice and choice ultimately determines your destiny.

~Ellie Embodied

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