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Discovering Divinity Within

In discovering my divinity, I have discovered my truth. I have discovered my peace.

I have discovered my oneness to the fractal of my soul that exist in the higher dimensions.

SPIRITUALITY means something different for everyone. But what is it at its core? What is it before the books were created, before what man has made it to be, before it was altered or adulterated? What is it after you peel the layers off; the layers of external belief systems, the layers of limitations, the layers of other peoples projections of it?

Much like our human experience, when we can peel away the layers of our own limiting beliefs, external influences, and inauthentic ways of being, and come back to our original blueprint of who we truly are to our core, we discover who we really are as souls. Spirituality, after the layers are peeled away, can be discovered in its purity, authenticity, and expansiveness.

Spirituality is a power and space to be discovered within each of us. It isn’t a set of rules, beliefs, passages, or books that one needs to follow in order to formulate his or her own beliefs about him/herself, about the world, about the spiritual realm, about his/her life path one should take.

In my own journey for truth, I’ve come to discover for myself, that spirituality is seeking truth and understanding within your own heart, within your own being. It is ultimate love for self, listening to your intuition and connecting to divinity through your third eye and your own heart.

Spirituality is the understanding that you are the creator of your reality. That through your thoughts, through your frequency, through your actions, through your words, through your lessons and learning through those lessons, you create your experience and you create your reality.

Spirituality is connecting to God directly, not a “He” or “Him”. It’s an energy. God source energy, to the Source of all things, to the universe itself. When you’re tapped into the vibration to be able to connect to that energy, all is possible and all that you desire is created. In that energy, all things are created. God source energy itself is all of creation.

When we hold that frequency of Source energy, we are the creator itself. There is no separation.



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