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Raising Little Humans Intentionally

There are so many books, classes, articles and influences for us to pull from when it comes to our parenting these days. So many great resources and so much support within our villages. But sometimes there isn't that support and we feel lost and alone as parents. Or there are so many 'voices' coming at us with what we 'should' do, that it's easy to lose site of our core values, lose sight of what we want for our children, or simply get lost in the difficulty of parenting itself on a daily bases that we just want to take the easiest route to get us through the day.

Parenting is no joke. And it's by far the biggest 'pull' in my life to constantly strive to grow within myself, to be better everyday, and to keep a check on who I am and what I want for my family. I believe in changing and growing everyday. We get to re-create who we are for ourselves and for our families every morning when we wake up.

Regardless of the pressures and challenges I perceive to have as a parent, I am constantly pulled within myself to just go back to the basics, keep it simple and most importantly, Parent With Intention. Let our children contribute; them them be heard; them them participate. AND listen for who they are, as individuals, every single day.

Some of my goals as a mother are to teach my children to be present and aware, to be self-confident and understand that they get to choose in their life; to listen to their bodies when something feels off, to share their thoughts and ideas, that their voice and opinions are valued.

I believe in conversation and interaction with my children that doesn’t limit their beliefs, conversation that creates possibilities rather than limitations, opens up creative thinking rather than false story and reservation. I believe in virtues-based learning, where in any situation or lesson, they can learn not by being made wrong, but by the virtue through which they can build character.

I involve my children in all the daily activities, but also in “normal” talk or conversation, and this has transpired into having a huge vocabulary at an early age for my oldest, and for my littlest who already has a handful of words he uses to communicate. I’ve never believed simplifying or limiting our vocabulary for our littles does anyone any good. They are sponges for information and growth, and I believe in allowing them to soak it all in!

I’m not a perfect mother, and I don’t strive to be perfect. But I do always try to be the best mother I can be and to go back to my parenting ideals and standards.

I'm raising little humans. I'm raising two boys to grow into balanced, healthy and happy men who get to be anything they want to be and do anything they want to do to love their life and make a positive impact in this world.

As we watch our children grow, isn't that what we hope for?

"When you become intentional in your life, you don't accept life. You make life."

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