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My Thoughts Manifested ~ Childbirth at 35 Weeks

Our thoughts create our world. And our intentions are executed through our thoughts, and through our words. My adult life has been testimony of this.

But this particular story stands out more than most for me...

All through my pregnancy with my second child, I always thought "please just let him get to 35 weeks". Why 35 and not 36 or 37 or later, I'm not sure. But because my first was born perfectly healthy at 37-0 weeks, I was ultra aware that my second could be early too.

Fast forward to five years ago today, June 16th -- We had finished a very long but blessed day of celebrating baby boy with all of my local friends and family. There was a table full of food, some of it I'd started preparing at 6am that morning for the event. There were kiddos running around the grass, gift opening on the patio, and there was lots of laughter, hugs, and my heart was full.

My big pregnant belly was tired by the end of the evening, and so were my feet. I remember my aunt offering me a chair as the last few friends were leaving the party. A few hours later, I got sick and I for a moment, I was concerned it was some of the food I'd prepared, not wanting anyone else to get sick from it. But my instinct told me to look up if that was a pre-labor symptom. I disregarded what the Google answer was as much as I could and went to bed.

The next day was pretty mellow with my three year old. But the following days where a memorable whirlwind of events. Lots of unexpected planning, lots crying, lots of releasing, lots of emotions, lots of love, lots of support, lots of pain, and one perfect and healthy baby boy.

When all settled and I was holding my second pre-term baby boy in my arms, I realized that he was born at exactly 35 weeks - 0 days. Sometimes now I wonder if it was partly my instinct or my spiritual guides, giving me a "heads up" that he'd be that early. But then I always go back to the worry-driven thoughts I had during the entire 35 weeks -- "Just let him get to 35 weeks".

Now, five years later as we approach his birthday celebration, I reflect on where we are at together as a family and how far we've come. On this intentional parenting journey that I am on, I remind both of my boys every single day that our thoughts create our reality. And our words create our reality too.

They are not strangers to talk of manifestation, to intentional ways of being, to the power we have to create our reality. And because they see so much manifest constantly around us, these ways of living are embedding so naturally into their consciousness and I can't help but think of how beautiful this is for their future.

It's never to late to teach our kids this stuff. It's never to late for us to implement and practice it ourselves. If you want something to go a certain way, how are your thoughts helping that very thing unfold?

Embodiment & Alchemy Coach

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