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Connecting In This Chaos

Do you ever feel like you are connected all day with people and yet, at the end of the day, you’re still missing those deeper conversations, authentic friendships and true quality of time with people?

Sometimes it’s hard to connect, I’m guilty of it. When we are all running in 100 different directions each day, trying to keep up with emails, schedules and appointments, phone calls and texts, Marco Polos and Facebook PMs, let alone be present in our family relationships.

So what does that have to do with blogging? Why start a blog (you might ask this solo-parent of two, who is building her own business in all her “spare time”, and sometimes barely has enough time in a day to make dinner)?

To open up dialogue. To inspire and be inspired. If we don’t really know each other’s stories, each other’s struggles, or each other’s goals, how can we make a difference for each other?

I believe that this life, for each of us, isn’t meant to be done alone. And we all have things to share and ways to contribute to each other. It really does “take a village” (not just in raising children) because having a village means connection, love, friendship, family and service to each other. And isn’t this what life is all about, down to the core of what’s important?

How do we share deeper? Deeper then just the casual surface answers that we all tend to offer, whether intentionally or robotically? If I only see you in passing at the local coffee shop or glance at your post on Facebook today, how do I learn what else is really going on for you in your life?

And I’m not just talking about knowing your struggles. I’m talking also about your aspirations, your deep-down goals that you don’t actually play out in reality for whatever reasons. What moves you, what gets you excited and freaks you out at the same time? Are you living a powerful once-in-a-lifetime kind of life? If you are or if you aren’t, let’s chat!

I love meeting new people, connecting with them and creating possibility in conversations and in action. I wanted to create a blog to connect with you. To create a space where we can move, touch and inspire each other. Hopefully, this can be that space for you!

What one thing can you do to be more present or to authentically connect with someone in your life today? Comment below.

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