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Interior design is an art. It’s a gift that’s in my blood. It’s been part of me since I drew my first set of house floor plans in the fourth grade (never mind that it was a hexagon-shaped house). I have a bachelor’s degree in Housing Studies and Interior Design, but so much comes instictively when it comes to high quality design.

When I design a space for you, I will formulate YOUR VISION, I will piece together everything that you may or may not have considered. I will learn everything I can about you and what you want for your space, and I will make your vision a reality. Let me take the stress away from your remodeling experience because I design everything upfront. Every last detail will be considered so you don’t have to worry. I will document every decision and design detail in construction drawings and specifications for your contractor to do their work seamlessly.

My absolute favorite part of the design process is taking a space that’s doesn’t function well and recreate it in AutoCAD using the Strategic Space Planning function to make it the best space it can be for you. I have a sharp eye for color, texture and balance, and my attention to detail and organization that goes into each project is top notch. With nearly two decades of hands-on experience in the construction and design industry, I pay attention to aspects throughout the design process and on the jobsite that even a

Ellie Baker | Interior Designer | Residential Interior Design | Kitchen and Bathroom Redesign | Custom Home Design

contractor might not always pay attention.  I am meticulous about the complete product, providing my clients a complete design which allows for upfront construction cost estimating and provides the contractor with documents necessary to support a smooth and seamless construction process. From floor plans, electrical plans, elevation drawings, cabinet and tile layouts to complete set of specifications of materials and fixtures to be ordered for a project - everything is selected and ready for purchasing and installation when you work through the design process with me.


I can create organized spaces within your home to optimize storage, meet your family and entertaining needs and create "wow" factors you might not expect.  Whether it be for your new kitchen, bathroom, outdoor kitchen, family room and fireplace, home office, wine room, home theater or other specialty room, I'd love to talk with you more about your project!

I have been privileged to have received multiple local, state and national awards for my work. While those are a blessing, what truly moves me in this work is the positive impact I’ve had on the lives of individuals and families in making their homes beautiful and loved. Your home is your sanctuary, a special place for you to make memories, to relax and be with those you love. I am blessed to have a chance to step into your world to enhance your space and make it a beautiful place that brings you joy.My clients trust my vision. They trust my quality and detail. They trust my process.


"Ellie is fantastic! She does a superb job of listening to the client's needs and wants and translates those into beautiful concepts and materials. She's thorough, responsive, and extremely easy to work with; all qualities that are so rare to find these days. Ellie's drawings and specifications are complete and accurate, which made our process a smooth one. No cost overruns on our end - everything was well planned. She is hands down the best consultant of any kind I've worked with."

Raving Testimonial About Ellie Baker | Interior Designer | Snohomish, WA

"As the designer for our remodel, I found Ellie to be very creative, pragmatic, knowledgeable of materials and supplies, thorough and precise. Throughout the process she was a great listener, very responsive and realistic. Her estimates were precise, and all work was completed when promised. I am very pleased with the design of my home thanks to Ellie. Ellie is a masterful designer, but she is equally a quality person. She has great integrity and that is what gave me comfort and confidence throughout the entire remodel process."

Bellevue WA | Delightful Review About Ellie Baker | Greater Seattle Interior Designer

"Ellie listened very carefully to our concerns and our vision.... She was methodical in her exploration of our bathroom's potential. She was systematic in her approach both at the beginning and throughout the entire project. Her attention to detail was exhaustive. Everything was priced and her comprehension of house design meant that she could filed any question and navigate any challenges. Her recommendations on the design were fantastic; she understands the style her clients want. And she's always careful to not project her own sense of style, but to take that of her clients and paint a portrait of options. Today, we love our bathroom. It's no longer the place we take our dinner guests to for a good, derisive laugh. It's our own personal spa and source of relaxation. It's our escape after a hectic day. We couldn't be happier with Ellie's work. She's professional, thorough, talented, and has an eye for aesthetics. We'd use her again and recommend her to anyone looking to improve their home."

Seattle, WA Resident Recommends Ellie Baker | Interior Designer in the Greater Seattle Area
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Favorite Designs | Ellie Baker | Award Winning Interior Designer | Local, State and National Awards

"Ellie is the absolute best. I've used her over the span of about 12 years for 5 projects totaling around $1.3 million. She is the consummate professional and a creative talent - a preciously rare combination."

~Samammish, WA

Raving Reviews About Ellie Baker | Interior Designer Edmonds WA | Residential Interior Design Seattle
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