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Ellie Baker | Greater Seattle Essential Oils | Dream Chaser | Wellness Activist

I'm Ellie Baker.

I’m an essential oil-obsessed boy mom, educating on health and wellness. I love motherhood and virtues-based-learning for the little people, optimizing health and human performance, residential interior design and architecture, flipping houses and Young Living essential oils and plant-based products.

I like simplicity, happy things, being in the moment and the concept of minimalism. I am passionate about clean eating and eliminating all-the-toxins from the body and home, and I will support your similar health and wellness journey because we all deserve to be nourished.

Here, I will offer what works for me and my family, share my motherhood story and transformations, talk about food prep, test new recipes and recipe wins, indulge in all the essential oil talk and I’ll even share tidbits from my housing industry background. After all, having flipped multiple properties, been recognized by industry professionals with over a dozen design awards and being an interior designer by trade, I do have some knowledge to share.

This space is for you, so come back often for ideas and inspiration that will guide you in the transformation to be the best you can be as an individual, creative, parent and entrepreneur. This life is a journey for each of us!  Nourish it every day.

Ellie Baker's Story | Where Ellie is From | Pacific Northwest Mother | Motherhood

I was born in the Midwest but raised an Alaskan girl! I got to spend my childhood in two extreme climates - the interior of Alaska in the winters and the Midwest in the summers.


I planted myself in the Pacific Northwest back in late 1997 for a variety of goals that I saw for myself during my college years. The temperate climate, beautiful landscape, bodies of water surrounding me, along with family and friendships were all reasons I enjoyed residing for nearly 20 years in Washington state.  Our newest adventures took us to the Austin, Texas area in 2020, which brought an unexpected but much-welcomed peace and personal + spiritual expansion.


I believe in always evolving, always challenging myself to improve, always learning so that I can grow to be the best version of myself. Motherhood has definitely created the biggest opportunity for consistent personal growth. Being a mama is by far my most valued role in this life, and where ever my boys are is where I want to be. Hawaii is my 'other' happy place; I'm a sucker for warm tropical weather, the sounds of the ocean and tropical birds chirping and the warm air on my skin. I enjoy traveling, and as I homeschool my children, I am most excited about the world being a classroom for my littles, full of endless possibilities, adventure and discoveries for them.

When I was young, I didn’t dream of going to college for a business degree or growing up to own a business, let alone three businesses at one time. (Yep! And that was the year my first son was born). But when I was in my 20's working a “9-5” job for someone else, it occurred to me that working for someone else didn’t align with what I wanted in my life or the family life I wanted to create, even though I was doing what I loved. I wanted something more. I wanted the freedom to have a flexible schedule and the choice to earn the income I wanted to earn. 


So, what did I do? I jumped. I didn’t just do it one day. I planned, researched, studied other people’s business failures, created, implemented and expanded my networking circle that would be a factor in my growth. And then I jumped. And that saying “But what if I fail? Oh, but darling, what if you fly?” was very much running through my head as I transitioned from the “safe” roll of an employee to a 28-year-old entrepreneur. And from there, I haven’t stopped.


Why did I want that flexible schedule? My career aspirations stem from personal goals for my family. I don’t want to miss important moments with my children - the first attempts crawling up the stairs, the quiet knock on my office door from my bigger boy to show me his artwork or being able to snuggle, hug and kiss them in between my online networking and Marco Polo Business Planning Conversations. It’s priceless. They are the reason I’m so driven in my various business pursuits, including an award-winning interior design portfolio, multiple real estate investments, a vacation rental property, and house flipping. And why I’m so committed to eliminating toxic chemicals and incorporating essential oils into every home, so everyone can feel more empowered where their health and wellness is concerned, and not just follow the status quo.


“The best things are on the other side of fear!”  I'm always a believer in going for it.

Ellie Baker's Resume | College Education | Bachelor's Degree | Eliminate Toxic Chemicals

Regarding Ellie Baker, I find that it is rare to find someone with incredible vision, the ability to plan and set goals and also endure through challenges and obstacles until the vision is realized. That is what I have been a witness to in the 9 plus years I have known Ellie.


As an award winning Designer growing a thriving business and becoming a dominant force in the Pacific North West, partnering with me on buying, remodeling and flipping houses and choosing to give back by raising 2 children to make an impact in the world around us, Ellie has developed a track record of setting her sights on playing a bigger game and following through until everybody wins.


Now that Ellie has dedicating herself to growing and helping others grow a massive distribution business in Essential Oils, I have every confidence that she will be incredibly successful and bring many others along for the ride! In short, she is one of the best people I know.





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