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ellie embodied



everything is possible...

We are the creators of our reality.

We are the script writers, directors, and actors or our own play.  We really do have that much say in how our life goes. 


What holds us back from living our full potential?  What holds us back from really understanding the power that is inherently within us? 

It's a culmination of many factors ~ it's the programming that's been placed upon humanity for eons.  It's the limiting beliefs, traumas, and wounds from our youth, whether they are realized as impactful or not.  It can be another persons believes of impossibilities according to their own limitations and boundaries they have set in their mind.  It's how we are able to dance in the present moment to bring out everything we want for our future without any, I mean ANY, shadows from our past.  And lastly, our own mind, can make or break how we pursue or create our reality.  Once the mind can be recognized as a separate entity from ourselves, we then can learn how to manage the limits and stories of our mind and follow our hearts.

The best part is that our bodies have the capabilities to reprogram our previously-programmed beliefs, heal the wounds (including past-life, childhood, and adulthood wounds or traumas) on a cellular level, and to train the mind in every area, to always serve you in living your best life.

I am here to support you as your embodiment and alchemy coach.  I am here to offer insight, perspective, and information that I've gaining along my journey for those who are seeking peace, inspiration, purpose, and truth within themselves, of this world, and of their existence.  I am not here to do the work for you.  I am here to help you awaken to the answers that are already within yourself.


What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is becoming the ultimate and unlimited version of yourself, accessing your power and life purpose.  Within embodiment, your soul feels ignited, your past is healed, and you can truly be present in this eternal current moment, available to create a future from your heart. 


Say: I am full of life, peace, gratitude, love, and joy.  I am Embodied.  And so it is.

Why Empowerment?

In the vibration of Empowerment, your life goes how you say it goes in all the ways you dream of and more.  It is to be under the authority of self and not under the power or influence of what other people's ideas are of who you should be, nor the limits you've put upon yourself or the ones you have allowed others to place within your consciousness.  


Say: I AM empowered.  I AM the authority in my life. I take back all power I have given to others in my reality. And so it is.


What is Alchemy?

Discovering that YOU have the power to transform and manifest anything and everything you want, will be the moment that your life begins to alchemize into the life you've always wanted and envisioned.


Change is one of the most powerful

things I can do for myself.

I affirm....

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